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Product Details: EZ-Haul Hay Handler

The Original Double Latch Trailer

Trailers available in bumper pull and goose neck models and various lengths to accommodate your needs.

Bumper pulls are made to transport 4 bales to 7 bales. 20ft long to 36ft long.

Goose necks are made in 6 bale to 8 bale models (32ft long to 42ft long)

Two 6000 lb. axles

One axle equipped with brakes (8 bale model has brakes on both axles)

New rims and 10 ply radial tires

16 x 6 spoke wheels

Load lock for long hauls

Goose neck models: 12000 lb. spring-loaded jack

Bumper pull models: 7000 lb. retractable jack

wired to be road ready

Standard 3-year Structural Warranty