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Product Details: Apache Hay Feeder Wagon

Feed Saving Example: 400 tons of hay fed in rings could result in 130 tons wasted at $65.00/ton, this amounts to $8,450.00. If an Apache wagon eliminated only 75% of the waste the savings would be $6,337.00, more than paying for itself.

Strongest Front end assembly in the industry. Pedestal is cut through frame, the competition is butt welded.

7500lb. axles - 24' and 32' lengths are tandem, 40' length has triple axles (most competitive lengths are all single axle.

New heavy duty 2" spindles.

Full Frame construction transfers all forward pull from back axles forward to front end, eliminating stress (pull) on sheet metal pan - greatly extending the life of the pan.

Cross-braced across frame at 34" intervals - keeps the unit from spreading from impact of bales being dropped in.

Pan/Axle gussets mounted over all rear axles - spreads impact stress over 34" area.

PATENTED vertical flexible inner rack system allows unit to flex on uneven ground to greatly extend pan life and provides excellent drainage.

12 gauge pan provides longer pan life.

Apache Feeder Wagons are 7' 6" wide to allow 6 1/2' bale to set down into wagon.

All right to left, top to bottom slants. Cattle prefer this configuration. Cattle will not eat out of opposite slant if given a choice.

"Z" bar slants- provides more neck room for far greater animal safety.

Correct and equal spacing on both Z bars & canes to alleviate cattle injury and to optimize feed savings. They use an inside cane for each outside Z bar. Most competitors use different spacing on canes than slants.

Inside canes are 2" in diameter for additional strength.

Both ends are double barred as well as the sides.

All tubing is vented to prevent condensation and freeze up damage.

Factory installed heavy duty rear available. Can be pulled tandem.

Tongue extension for easy hook up is standard.

New 6 bolt hubs and rims. New 9.5L x15" tires and tubes.

Steel or mesh liners available.

Self - locking stanchions are available in 8, 10,16, 20, 24, and 32' lengths.

True Dimensions

Available galvanized or painted.

Only written warranty in the industry.